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BeverlyHillsC64 Svengali Sounds 11

by Fer_Svengali (2 weeks ago)
Súper "Commodone64" en Hollywood.

MC Discotheque 56

by Michal Cacko (1 month ago)
Old, dreamy poly keyz
MC Discotheque
Michał Cacko (1 month ago)

JP Brass GB Classic Synth Patches 56

by Synthoholic (1 month ago)
Epic patch from a classic japanese synth. Feel free to improve to meet the original better.
Synthoholic (1 month ago)

MC Papa 90's 0

by Michał Cacko (5 months ago)
Lead, Dance, 90's
MC Papa 90's
Michał Cacko (5 months ago)
MC Papa 90s
Michał Cacko (5 months ago)

Oud 02 CP World Instruments 237

by CP (10 months ago)
Oud 02
Oud 02
Chris (10 months ago)

MC Memories 123

by Michał Cacko (10 months ago)
Keys, Poly, Lead, Retro, 80s
MC Memories
Michał Cacko (10 months ago)

Sparkle Lead RD Factory A 145

by Behringer (1 year ago)
slow arpeggio
Fabio Barbon (11 months ago)

Mean Lead BC Factory A 89

by Behringer (1 year ago)
Arp up and down
ray gago (11 months ago)