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Van Halen 2 POLY 19

by kobalt_vol (1 month ago)
Second version. Double saw trick (see mod matrix) with some comp and reverb

SuperSaw lead 33

by kobalt_vol (2 months ago)
Super saw (doubled saw osc - see mod matrix and uni settings) with some comp and reverb

MC MD4 318

by Michał Cacko (11 months ago)
Lead, Pad, Dreamy, Distant
Michał Cacko (11 months ago)

Deep Note Mine 43

by Dave Van den Eynde (1 year ago)
My incarnation of the Deep Note sound. Note that the patch alone isn't enough. You need to assign a note to each voice and start with the modulation wheel all the way up. The chord is: C3, C4, E4, G4, C5, G5.

Noova Stack My sound 658

by Noova (1 year ago)
Input Device Recording 20180405 1642 2
Alfredo Garcia Gonzalez (1 year ago)

MC 80s Spaceship 157

by Michał Cacko (1 year ago)
MC 80s Spaceship
Michał Cacko (1 year ago)