Weird Accordion by Fox GAMING

Oscillator 1 timbre

Only sawtooth oscillators are enabled, resulting in a harmonically rich content.

Oscillator 2 timbre

Volume level for oscillator 2 is manually set to 159.

Tone for oscillator 2 is manually set to 94.

Volume (VCA) volume

Amplification level is set to 6dB (255) and is modulated by VCA Env.

VCA Env direct modulation amount for amplification level is 255.

Pan spread is off.

Noise timbre

Noise level is manually set to 135.

Low-pass filter (VCF) timbre

Low-pass filter cut-off frequency is manually set to 13102.53Hz (237). Low-pass filter cut-off frequency is modulated by the Filter Envelope. Low-pass filter envelope amount is set to 0 and is modulated by Note Vel.

Note Vel direct modulation amount for low-pass filter envelope amount is 128.

FX routing & levels fx

FX mode is set to Send, and routing is

Effect 1 level is manually set to 0. Effect 2 level is manually set to 100. Effect 3 level is off. Effect 4 level is off.

Vintage Room Reverb fx

not yet complete

3-Tap Delay fx

not yet complete

Note Vel modulator

Controls VCF Envelope Velocity Sensitivity, VCA Envelope Velocity Sensitivity.

menu VCF Envelope Velocity Sensitivity 128
menu VCA Envelope Velocity Sensitivity 128

VCA Env modulator

Controls VCA Gain for All Voices.

volume menu VCA Gain for All Voices 255
VCA Envelope Attack Time 0.12s (20)
VCA Envelope Decay Time 0s (0)
VCA Envelope Sustain Level 100% (255)
VCA Envelope Release Time 0.46s (79)
VCA Envelope Trigger Mode Key (0)
VCA Envelope Attack Curve 128
VCA Envelope Decay Curve 0
VCA Envelope Sustain Curve 128
VCA Envelope Attack Curve 0