Jam Pad Brown 9

by Jam965 (2 weeks ago)
Pad basado en un sonido del Blofeld, con el que puedes jugar con los 2 filtros para encontrar desde el sonido "solina" a un pad denso.

kOs BrassPAD 01 52

by Kike Vila - ULTRAWEST - (1 month ago)
Brassy Pad, made following the tutorial of Oscillator Sink, maybe a little more metallic. Gracias Maestro
kOs brassyPAD01
Kike Vila (1 month ago)

Genghis Khan Ld Svengali Sounds 20

by Fer_Svengali (2 months ago)
T'ie mou jen - Foot Pedal turns Osc2 ON

BeverlyHillsC64 Svengali Sounds 22

by Fer_Svengali (2 months ago)
Súper "Commodone64" en Hollywood.

Herido ~,~ Svengali Sounds 28

by Fer_Svengali (2 months ago)
Detuned but friendly Poly Synth

Twin Rhodes Svengali Sounds 26

by Fer_Svengali (2 months ago)
Pseudo Rhodes - ModWheel increases LFO - Foot Pedal kills attack

Bassington Svengali Sounds 21

by Fer_Svengali (2 months ago)
Fatty Bass Use Foot Ctrl!

Bird PAD aMr 43

by elpiulas (3 months ago)
Use MODwheel to raise the VCF and Aftertouch to hear some birds !!!

Return To 80s Classic Synth Patches 249

by Synthoholic (3 months ago)
Like the name says.
Synthoholic (3 months ago)