WeirdStrings Poly Lead 63

by Fox GAMING (3 months ago)
3rd Patch. Weird sounding strings.

HoneyDistPluckLD Pluck Lead 43

by Fox GAMING (3 months ago)
Second Custom Patch I've ever made. Simple Sound with Distortion Effects. Mod wheel affects VCF Freq.

Dark Strings SF 53

by Synthfluencer (3 months ago)
Rebuild of the Juno 106 factory patch B81

SimpleFX Poly Lead 39

by Fox GAMING (4 months ago)
My First Custom Patch ever (At least the first one that I think is actually good). Simple Sawtooth Wave with effects.

Eminent Strings 67

by Synthoholic (4 months ago)
Famous string set rebuilt. Use mod wheel to let the speaker rotate.

Superstition RM Lead 93

by Rob (5 months ago)
Similar to Stevie Wonder clav bass lead in 'Superstition'

Percussive RM POLY 66

by Rob (6 months ago)
Percussive xylophone timbre. Almost FM-sounding

HarpsiBell12 RM PAD 78

by Rob (6 months ago)
Harpsichord/bell-like sound. Env 3 routes to noise level to give a slight but effective percussive attack.

Analog Glass RM Pads and Leads 98

by Rob (7 months ago)
Glassy attack with ethereal decay. Add some mod wheel for some added 70's funk.

Spanish Guitar Pads and Leads 83

by Rob (7 months ago)
Metallic pluck sound, reminiscent of Spanish guitar, with reverb. Mod wheel opens filter.