JOrgan Organ Lead 74

by Fox GAMING (7 months ago)
A Weird, Organ-Ish sound. 5th Patch, made today on 9/22/2021.

Weird Accordion Poly Lead 58

by Fox GAMING (8 months ago)
A Weird, Accordion-Sounding Patch. 4th Patch! Made Today on 8/18/2021.

Default Juno Juno 114

by infinitecool (1 year ago)
Deepmind configured to sound like Juno from Starsky Carr Youtube tutorial easy to configure Juno like patches from this setting

Night Call ARP Synthwave 96

by infinitecool (1 year ago)
ARP line from Kavinsky Nightcall, best to add TAL-Chorus-LX chorus 1 in your DAW

Night Call Bass Synthwave 100

by Infinitecool (1 year ago)
Bassline from Kavinsky Nightcall

JP 8 Brass Analog Dreams 93

by InfiniteCool (1 year ago)
Jupiter 8 Brass

Sub Monster ST Nak's Pack (Deepmind Edition) 132

by Nakul Tiruviluamala (1 year ago)
Modification on the Sub Monster Patch